What are the chances of me being hacked and what could happen? You lose your attention for a moment and, before you know it, there's malware on your laptop. Within a couple of seconds someone has infected your computer and is watching you as you do your online banking transactions. How crazy is that!

There will always be crime, and the digital world is no exception. It's important to have some understanding of cybercrime, because the risks associated with it are far greater than you think. In fact, cybercrime is now so easy and widespread that some form of basic digital protection is essential. It's like locking the door when you leave the house.

According to the police, hacking has become too easy. You don't need a lot of knowledge to be able to hack – you can buy the software or service on the Internet. This means that anyone can hack, especially when users are not aware of the consequences and are careless about protecting themselves online. So, your data can be stolen without you even realising it.

Will you be hacked during your coffee break?