Have you ever shared your account details? With a colleague, a fellow student or someone else? After all, it can't do much harm, can it? Not at the time maybe, but it may well have more of an impact than you think.

Have you ever received an unusual request from your manager to transfer money at short notice? It can happen and it may well be quite normal. But cyber criminals can also exploit the hierarchy in an organisation to get their hands on large sums of money.

Just imagine it: a hacker makes your unique, irreplaceable computer files inaccessible and you can only get them back if you pay a ransom.

Is the use of public Wi-Fi networks really safe? Being able to log in without a username or password, or to use a password that you find on the table when you're having a coffee is extremely handy.  But do you know what the potential consequences are or what you can do to protect yourself?

Nobody could find out my password through an e-mail, or could they? You receive an e-mail from a known or unknown sender. As instructed you click on the attached link and log in to the website. But how safe is it? How will you know if someone is trying to steal your password?

Using social media is free... or is it not?! Do you find it acceptable that all the data that you post online is sold to third parties? Free online storage, free e-mails and free social networks. You enter your details, click on 'agree' after the small print and your identity is being offered for sale in the online world. Do you have any idea what your personal details are used for?

What are the chances of me being hacked and what could happen? You lose your attention for a moment and, before you know it, there's malware on your laptop. Within a couple of seconds someone has infected your computer and is watching you as you do your online banking transactions. How crazy is that!

Many online services require you to have a password. But how do you remember them all? It's easy: your date of birth and the name of your favourite club. The same one for all services. Handy, right? Or maybe not.