Many online services require you to have a password. But how do you remember them all? It's easy: your date of birth and the name of your favourite club. The same one for all services. Handy, right? Or maybe not.

It’s easy to guess…

Hackers who are out to get hold of your passwords don't need a long time to guess an easy password. They can decipher passwords that include numbers or words from the dictionary in a fraction of a second. Then they can use that one password for all manner of things: from accessing your e-mails to buying something from an online store, etc. There's nothing to it!

…so create a strong password

You should therefore make sure that you have different passwords for different things, and that your password cannot be easily guessed. You'll find plenty of tips on creating a strong password online. Or use a password manager. They can help you create and store strong passwords – that way you'll never forget a password again!

Don't let them crack your password.