Awareness materials available for direct download

Limited time and budget to develop campaign materials? With the CSY campaigns you can quickly create a campaign for your institution. These ready-made campaigns in the CSY corporate identity contain material you can get started with right away. The material refers readers to the Cybersave Yourself website for more information.

These campaigns are designed to create awareness in the education and research sector. This material may also be used by nonprofit organizations. These campaigns are not intended for commercial use.

Adjusting CSY material to your own branding

Would you like to use CSY material to create a campaign in your own branding? This material is also available in editable formats. Dutch Educational and research institutions have access to the source material of the campaigns in the CSY toolkit. Log in to the CSY toolkit with your institution account.

Below are downloads of CSY campaign materials. You can download these materials and use them directly in your organization. Do you have questions about using CSY materials, or would you like to join the awareness community? Please contact us.

Privacy poster: Help! Someone wants to use my personal data!

  • CSY Privacy Material

What are your rights with regards to your personal data? When is an educational or...

Download pdf — 1.89MB

Privacy Poster: When may I use another person's personal information?

  • CSY Privacy Material

When may I use another person's personal data? This privacy poster provides a flow diagram...

Download pdf — 1.90MB

Privacy poster: Which application can I use for personal data?

  • CSY Privacy Material

The GDPR privacy regulations outline what you can and cannot do with personal data, e.g....

Download pdf — 1.87MB