Cybersave Yourself is the security awareness campaign for Dutch education and research. Here you will find security tips, videos and games on security and privacy awareness, among other things. For institutions, Cybersave Yourself offers a toolkit of materials to help them create their own awareness programs.

Our principles

This toolkit is made available to the education and research sector in the Netherlands and everything found in this toolkit may be freely used for that sector. We apply the following principles:

Flexible and open: all the material we make available you may adapt or reuse in other forms. We provide the material so that you can use it almost immediately, but there is also room to add your own logo or website, for example. You're even allowed to transform all sorts of things. Anything goes.

Rights-free: all the material is made available to the education and research sector in the Netherlands for an unlimited time. As long as you use it for this target group, all rights are bought off.

Modular: we do not offer a ready-made campaign but rather building blocks so that you can put together a campaign yourself that suits your needs, pace and intensity. This also makes it easy to quickly expand the toolkit with new themes, for example.

Bilingual: where possible, we offer all materials bilingually - in Dutch and in English.

Community-oriented: the toolkit is not only a download platform but also a place to share materials and experiences with each other. We hope you will be inspired and share material of your own. And maybe you will build on what we offer under CSY; even then we like it if you can share it again.

The fine print

This service and all material available in the toolkit is intended exclusively for SURF member institutions. There is no further charge for using the service and materials.

More information

If you would like to join the community or have questions about Cybersave Yourself, please send an email to