CSY Awareness Campaigns

Anyone can become a victim of cybercrime. That's why we think it's important that educational and research institutions can set up awareness campaigns easily and quickly. Even if you are not a member of SURF! On this page you will find public campaign material. The videos are on Youtube so you can easily embed them. Together with the texts and pages on the website you can quickly and easily set up an awareness moment. The material is available in Dutch and English. Switch languages on this website by clicking on the globe in the upper right corner.

Because Youtube sets third-party cookies, we refer to Youtube videos with a link instead of embedding them on this website. This is how we keep this website privacy-friendly. SURF member institutions can login to the CSY toolkit to download the source files and different versions of the animations and images.

Do you have tips or suggestions or want to share your enthusiasm with us? Let us know!


Criminals pose as a high-ranking manager or director. An employee in financial administration receives an e-mail from the executive asking them to transfer a large sum of money to a foreign account. Use these materials to make employees aware of CEO fraud.

Phishing - Password pilferer

You get an e-mail from an (un)known sender, you click on the attached link as instructed, and you log on to the website. How trustworthy is that?

Use these materials to make employees aware of phishing.

Ransomware - Data kidnapping

A hacker makes your unique and irreplaceable computer files inaccessible and you won't get them back until you pay a ransom. You are the victim of ransomware.

Use these materials to make employees aware of ransomware.