Protect your privacy

Your personal data is worth money! Protect yourself and your personal data.

Safely handling data and recognizing and reporting data breaches are important skills. But what should you do you safely handle data in everyday situations? Follow the new Cybersave Yourself e-learning and find out!

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Online services such as from Facebook, Google and Microsoft are often free to use. However, in exchange for the free access, you give up some of your privacy. For example, the services may analyze your photos, your likes, your location or the content of your posts and use them for commercial gain. For example, they may personalize ads, use your photos in advertisements and resell some of your data (anonymized or not) to third parties. Whereby they sometimes make clever use of the general conditions, which you as a user often do not read.

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Recognize databreaches

Is your data being used without your permission? Or are they available for anyone to see? Then this might be a data breach. Recognize data breaches and report them as soon as possible.

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Know what you share online

The Internet remembers everything. So be careful what you share. And regularly check the privacy settings of apps like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Mobile apps are always listening

An app to share photos with your friends, order your dinner and measure your sports performance. And you also have one with funny sounds. That game you've already played out. And the one for on vacation. But did you know that you have those all those apps traveling, listening and watching with you? And so they always know exactly where you are, what's in your photos and even what you're saying?

Keep your eyes open for snooper apps.

Devices in your home keep an eye on you - Internet of Things

our coffee is ready when you wake up, there’s a message on your phone to say the washing is done and the thermostat knows when and how much to heat up your home. So many smart devices but do you know which information is held in the cloud? Or how easily this type of device can be hacked?

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Read the terms and conditions

Everything you share online is resold. And you have no problem with that. You wanted free online storage, free email and free access to social networks. You entered your details,...

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Public wifi

Without you realising it, your account has been hacked! Simply because you logged onto a free public network. How were you to know it was a ‘spy’ Wi-Fi? Now other...

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Protect yourself

Privacy by design

You collect data for your research or for your work. A name here, an address there. But do you really need all that data? And does everyone know what you...

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Protect your privacy