CSY toolkit content

The content of the Cybersave Yourself toolkit can be found in the CSY toolkit. Dutch educational and research institutions log into the toolkit with their institution account. To give an impression of the available material, below is an overview with brief descriptions of available content.

Campaign material

Material related to specific campaign themes. With the illustrations, videos and texts you can create ready-made campaigns. These campaign themes are currently available:

Sharing accountsUnencrypted data
CEO- FraudePublic wifi
Cyber bullyingPrivacy by design
The internet remembers everythingRansomware
Everyone can be a hacker Social Engineering
Internet of ThingsSpearphishing
Read the user agreementSecure your data while traveling
Mobile appsPasswords
Secure handling and storage of dataRecognizing fake websites

Awareness e-modules Digital License

Ransomware, phishing, viruses: students and staff need to become even more aware of the dangers of cybercrime. Cybersave Yourself's e-learning modules, the "Digital Privacy and Security License," can help with that. There is a basic module for students and a module for staff at your institution.

Digital license 1.0: Complete modules for import into LMS

The modules are ready-made. You only need to add information about how security and privacy is organized within your institution. You can then import the modules as an IMSCC package into Canvas or Moodle. Both modules are also available as text files. The modules are available in Dutch and in English.

Digital license 2.0: Shorter modules in e-magazine format

These shorter modules do not require an LMS. Institutions can use the generic module, or request a module that is specific for their institution. The module can be embedded in their own learning environment, or linked to with a button. You can find the first module about phishing and ransomwear below, with a second module about secure handling of data and data breaches planned to be in production at the start of 2024.

Hackers carried out a major ransomware attack at Maastricht University by sending out phishing email. Learn how you can recognize phishing mail, and what you can do to prevent a ransomware attack in this ten minute e-learning.

Online modules Privacy

What impact does the GDPR have on your work as a teacher? These online modules explain what the GDPR, shows which aspects of the GDPR are important for teachers and teaching assistants, and which steps you can take to comply with the GDPR. You can complete the online modules independently.

It is possible for Dutch research and education institutes to copy and adapt these modules. Log into the CSY toolkit to download the source files to build and adapt this e-learning for your institution.

Privacy Posters

In response to the AVG, a number of questions come to you on a regular basis. Some of these we have turned into posters for you to use. These are:

For staff, teachers, etc: What applications am I still allowed to use?
For students: I want to use someone else's personal data.
For students: Help! Someone wants to use my personal data!

The privacy posters are available for immediate download without logging in. They may be used by non-commercial organizations. The posters are available in English and Dutch.

Tips and information on awareness activities

The toolkit contains tips and information for setting up awareness activities at your institution. For example:

  • Using a mystery guest
  • Performing fake phishing tests
  • Hiring a cybersecurity or privacy speaker for your event
  • Content and schedule for October Cybersecurity Month