Everyone can be a hacker

Before you know it, there’s malware on your laptop. Simply because you left your desk for a while - maybe to get a cup of coffee. Nothing wrong with that, right? But that’s all it takes. You became the victim of a coffee break. With a few clicks, they infect your computer and can then read your entire inbox.

Prevent coffee break hacking.

Protect yourself from digital risks

Crime will always and everywhere exist, including in the digital world. It is important to recognize cybercrime, because digital risks are much greater than you think. It is now so simple and widespread that you should at least make sure you have basic digital protection. Just like you lock your front door when you leave the house.
Hacking is becoming too easy.

Hacking is becoming too easy, according to the police. You don't have to know much about it to hack a system: you can buy the software or service online. This ensures that anyone can hack, with the easiest victims: users who do not know the consequences and are careless with their digital protection. Thus, your data can be stolen without you even realizing it.

Our everyone can be a hacker tips

  • In public places, make sure people can't read your screen or type in your password.
  • Use strong passwords and multi-factor logins. For example, a password combined with a fingerprint or a unique code on your phone.
  • Lock your screen when not using a device or walking away from your workstation.
  • Don't write down passwords or keep them in a place where others can easily read them.