Cybersave Yourself is the security campaign for education and research. Amongst other things, it includes tips on security, and games and videos about security and privacy awareness. Cybersave Yourself provides institutions with a toolkit containing materials which they can use to organise their own awareness campaigns.

Campaign materials

In 2009 SURFnet launched the Cybersave Yourself (CSY) service in conjunction with information security officers from research universities and universities of applied sciences. The aim of CSY is to raise awareness of (digital) information security and privacy amongst staff and students. The service provides campaign materials which institutions can use to organise their own awareness campaigns. The materials are aimed at different target groups: students, staff, researchers, lecturers and management.

The campaign materials deal with a range of different topics, such as phishing, privacy, ransomware, public Wi-Fi networks, etc. These topics will be further developed on an ongoing basis. If there is a topic that we have not included that would be useful to you, please let us know.

Toolkit for institutions

A special Cybersave Yourself toolkit has been developed for institutions that are connected to SURFnet. This includes means of communication which institutions can use as a part of their own security campaign. Institutions can personalise these means by adding their own logo or house style. Manuals on how to set up your own awareness program and workshop materials are also available.

Cybersave Yourself Community

The Cybersave Yourself Community is for everyone who is working on security and privacy awareness in Education and Research. In the community you can share tips and experiences, ask questions and participate in discussions, and receive the latest information. We also organise meetings and workshops on security and privacy awareness.

More information

If you’d like to access the toolkit, become a member of the community or if you have a query about Cybersave Yourself, please e-mailĀ